Extras Fantasy Novel by Dan Yokum CoverEXTRAS

* Under contract with BETWEEN the LINES PUBLISHING

* Contemporary Fantasy with some dark Paranormal, Romantasy crossover

Jade moves out of her safe commune, inhabited by humans merged with inter-dimensional beings, and takes on a mission of observing and analyzing human behavior in the outside world. But questions about who she really is and what she sees quickly overwhelm her. Why are she and her closest commune friend considered so special? Although most of the beings from her commune, nicknamed Extras, have access to magical powers, why are hers more varied and potent? At a Halloween party, a group of college kids, who she learns are a different type of Extra, trick her into a torturous experience. Why did they specifically target her? And then a guy named Adam shows up, asking questions about his brother who, he says, was brainwashed by a controversial cult. Who is Adam, and what does he want? Jade concludes that a terrible risk is growing for her entire community, and nothing is more important than finding answers.

* I created the temporary cover in Canva (too close to AI for my comfort) and tweaked it in Photoshop. The final cover will likely be done by the publisher. 


Cold Cash Novel by Dan YokumCOLD CASH

A Thriller for Teens and Adults

She Thought She Knew What Happened to Her Brother. She Was Wrong.

It’s a tough life for 18-year-old Betsy Racine, trying to take care of her disabled grandfather and alcoholic mother. Even worse, over a year ago, her brother disappeared in a snowstorm, and now she learns that he had with him more than three million dollars of someone else’s money. Someone who just got out of prison and will do whatever it takes to get it back. Others join the hunt and they all want Betsy to help them find the cash. But why would she? She doesn’t care about the money and her brother is dead…isn’t he? As new clues surface, she begins to wonder. Just to make sure, she tags along with a group of seekers and finds herself sucked into a world of danger far greater than anything she could have imagined.

The setting splits between the wild Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York and the gritty streets and underground of New York City. The story is geared to readers who like quirky unpredictable characters, fast-paced action with uncertain outcomes, family issues, and a bit of romance.


* A series named DEEP SECRETS has materialized. The sequel, book number two in the series, is far along but not yet named. 



Looking for America


* Contemporary Fantasy with some dark Paranormal

* I’m still working on this one

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