The Power of Words

Do you have a few words, a sentence, or even a short paragraph that you can’t get out of your head? Maybe it’s something you read in a book or magazine. Or perhaps it’s a lyric from a song that you’ve listened to a hundred or a thousand times. It could be something somebody said to you or you made up yourself. It could come from a movie or a TV show or series.

I’ve been collecting words for years, initially scribbling them into a notebook, and now hammering them into an app on my phone in the middle of the night. I thought it could be interesting, inspiring, and entertaining to have a webpage where others can share their own word-finds. So, if you’ve got something rumbling around in your brain, go ahead and enter it. (For now, I’ll transfer all entries to the list until I figure out how to make that happen automatically)

A few things:

  • Always, always, credit the author, even if it’s you.
  • It’s also nice to say where it came from, even if it’s from your own mind.

I’ve begun with some lines from different mediums so you see what I mean.

“Every conversation was like a scientific experiment that sought to find a cure for the human condition.”
from the The Lonely Hearts Hotel by Heather O’Neal

“You have some eighty billion neurons sharing a hundred trillion connections or more. Your skull contains a galaxy’s worth of constellations, always shifting.”
from Metamorphis, a New Yorker article by Joshua Rothman

“You can buy your own island, you can build your own lair
You can shield your poor eyes, you can look out and stare
You snicker and kill and you will not be knocked
Cause Pandora’s box can no longer be locked”
from White Sands, a song by Ursa and the Major Key

“I’m baaaack!!?

“I’m eternally skeptical of my most cherished beliefs.”
That’s me/ I said it.

Are you ready to enter one of your own? HAVE FUN!

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